Hey there,

I used to have a command run 10 seconds after the screen is locked which turned all displays off. I can’t find the option to run a command when the screen locks anymore.

In Plasma 5 I used this:

This is what it looks like in Plasma 6:

Is there another place to do this now?

  • @Zamundaaa@discuss.tchncs.de
    62 months ago

    What you want is now a built in option, you can set the screen saver timeout for when the screen is locked separately from the normal timeout

    • DomiOPA
      52 months ago

      Ah, not sure how I overlooked that one.

      However, it seems to be tied to the normal screen timeout which I can’t use because KDE does not recognize all fullscreen applications correctly when playing games with a controller. I put 360 minutes as timeout for now, that should be sufficient.

      Out of interest, is the “Run command” option still available somewhere or was it removed in Plasma 6?

    • DomiOPA
      32 months ago

      Fedora 40. Runs pretty well, even pre-beta.

  • @Pantherina@feddit.de
    2 months ago

    You could instead

    • lock the screen after turning off display
    • change the time when the display is turned off to whatever you like

    Both where in the energy settings in plasma 5, I am pretty sure they are still there.