Does anyone think that there’ll ever be a simple EV car produced for market without all the extra junk found in most electric cars? Why or why not?

I don’t see the need for the infotainment dash, personal data tracking, self-driving, lack of physical buttons, and lack or reparability.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an EV that is probably cheaper without all that forced extra stuff? Can’t we just have a simple EV that has an electric engine that is reliable, cheaper, and doesn’t have a need for constant software updates? Maybe you can work on it in your garage for the most part for simple maintenance.

I’d really like to have an EV one day but seems like they are all super expensive, have no sense of ownership like typical cars, are constantly tracking you, and are trying to shove extra features down your throat.

  • DomiA
    42 months ago

    Batteries degrade pretty quickly, I hear around 4 years!

    My car is 5 years old now and battery capacity is at 93% of original.